InspireIP solutions build a sustainable flow of ideas for innovation-driven companies

Do you have smart people?
Do they have innovative ideas?
What is happening to these ideas?
Stop losing patentable ideas,
Start capturing these ideas today

Companies use InspireIP to nourish quality ideas


InspireIP is driving employee innovation across corporations by enabling the fast and efficient capturing of ideas, simplifying patent approval workflows for IP departments, creating transparency to the patent lifecycle, and enabling effective management of the inventory of ideas.

InspireIP enables you to quickly capture ideas using our exclusive patent pending features


Fast and efficient invention capture, so employees have time to capture every idea, no matter how busy they are.​


Never miss an idea worth patenting. Capture your inventions on the go from your phone. ​


Use InspireIP's proprietary Invention Bot to capture ideas directly from Microsoft teams, Slack and more.


Quickly evaluate disclosures as they enter the pipeline with an automated AI powered prior art analysis search engine.

Who is behind InspireIP

Sam Zellner, a prolific inventor with 200+ granted patents to his name and years of experience managing the innovation program for a large fortune 500 company, his ringside seat to idea capture, patent development, law firm engagement and responding to business executives provided him deep insight to the innovation process. Sam recognized inefficiencies in the system and InspireIP was born.


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